For Home Buyers

Tips for a First-time Home Buyer (from

  • Benefits for a First-Time Home Buyer
  • Defining Search Parameters for a First-Time Home Buyer
  • How Long Should It Take to Buy Your First Home?
  • How Many Homes Will a Home Buyer See?
  • The "Red Shoes" Experience for a Home Buyer
  • How a First-Time Home Buyer Can Rate Inventory
  • View Top Choices a Second Time Before Buying That First Home
  • Making the Selection To Buy a Home

Tips for Home Buyers (from

  • Agents Aren't Just for Sellers
  • Curb Spending Habits to Ensure You Qualify for Home Ownership
  • The Importance of Mortgage Pre-Approval and Finding a Legitimate Lender
  • Avoid Buying from the Wrong Seller
  • Understanding Market Trends
  • What you See is not Always what you Get
  • Know What you Need from a Mortgage

Top Ten Tips for New Home Buyers (from

  • Choose the type of home that meets your lifestyle
  • Determine what you can afford
  • Research your builder
  • View our Online Education Seminars
  • Talk with a real estate lawyer
  • Read our Homeowner Information Package
  • Prepare for your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)
  • Complete and submit any required Statutory Warranty Forms on time
  • Maintain your home through the seasons
  • Enjoy all your new home has to offer!

Mortgage Planning Tips for Home Buyers (from CMHC)

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you make an offer
  • Know when to quit
  • Set enough money aside to cover closing costs without having to forgo eating for a couple of months
  • Try to coordinate the date you take possession of your new home and your moving date
  • Insist on a home inspection